Network Partners

Becoming a Signage Network Partner

Here at ATM TV, expanding our digital signage network is a non-stop process. We believe that forging long-term mutually beneficial relationships with prestigious facilities is key to our success.

For advertising to be effective, it has to be immediate, relevant, and interesting – or it will be forgotten or ignored.

Consumers are increasingly sophisticated about filtering out ads that are not directly relevant to them. Digital signage meets this emerging need for advertisers by providing content that is informative, entertaining, and persuasive, and above all, engaging for the targeted consumer.


What is a Network Partner?

A Network Partner is a business location with one of our ATM TV digital displays. These screens vary in size.

These locations have high patronage, visitors, customers and/or a queue time, which allows us to place advertisers in front of a large volume of people, across varying demographics, in advertiser’s target market.

What does it mean to be a Network Partner?

There are several values to being a Network Partner with ATM TV:

Our Network Partners get FREE ad space on our network.

A FREE dynamic video ad created for their business by our graphic designers.


Our Network partners gain the ability to control part of the screen to run your own specials or promotions in real-time! That means you can push out any message you want to your customers at any time.

Not only is becoming a host a simple process but it gives your place of business a more attractive and “high-tech” feels.


Here's How it Works


First ATM.TV team will set a time and come to your location to look over your layout. We will speak with you about your ideas of where and how to install our digital signage. Once you and ATM.TV have come to a mutual agreement for how and where to install the digital signage we will go about making preparations to do so, at a time most convenient for you.

The best part about our Hosting program is that there is ZERO cost to you and ZERO work on your part. WE WILL NEVER ADVERTISE YOUR COMPETION AT YOUR LOCATION! We give you the ability to decide which companies are able to advertise at your location and you have full control over the content displayed in the advertisement that plays.

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